The pottery collection Sun&Moon

inspired by the beauty of primitive pottery and nature.

About Sun & Moon collection

Living day to day life in the city develops an incredible thirst for a natural and simple environment, where even smallest object carry its own uniqueness.

These pots are fully functional and fired to 1245C, each made individually by shaping against the palm of a hand, making them a snug fit when handled. Driftwood pieces are collected on Welsh, Scottish and Baltic sea beaches by myself and my amazing friends.

Each wooden handle is carefully selected to perfectly compliment the particular pot. The driftwood is then polished with natural oils and waxes to retain its inherent primitive beauty but also making it more durable for every day use.

In the making process I sometimes deliberately stretch clay until it starts creating cracks similar to those found on the ground on hot summer days. This doesn’t affect the functionality of the pot in any way, but gives an embracing of the earth perspective when held in hand.

Each pot is unique with all parts individually sculpted to preserve their unique nature far removed from “manufactured uniformity”.

Some of the Patterns I use in decorating the pots are based on historical Latvian symbology dating back more than 3000 years , each iconic in the belief of positive and protective energy.