23 Reasons Why Clay is so Incredibly Beneficial for Mental Health

clay hands 1

Art is a form of emotional expression, both of pain and suffering, and of resilience and hope.” /Dr. Goran Petronic, clinical psychologist/

I have been working with clay for most of my life. Not only my personal relationship with this incredible material, I also witness its positive effect on many people in pottery workshops I run.

Many Research papers have shown there are many benefits to using pottery as a therapeutic tool for a variety of health conditions. This is just a short list of some of the main reasons why it’s time to get into clay making.

  1. Pottery helps maintain cognitive, emotional, social and physical fitness
  2. Pottery Increase hand-eye coordination
  3. Pottery reduces anxiety, depression
  4. Pottery often benefits those with visual impairments (very tactile)
  5. Pottery creation Improves self-esteem
  6. Pottery making Increases mental functioning and concentration
  7. It’s relaxing and encourages positive energy
  8. Gives people a voice to tell a story
  9. Helps discover individual style
  10. Generates healing
  11. Improves socialization skills
  12. Creates pride
  13. Builds patience
  14. promotes problem-solving skills
  15. Promotes positive peer interaction
  16. Anyone can do it
  17. It makes people happy
  18. Promotes relaxation
  19. Gain 3-Dimensional perspective
  20. Non-threatening material
  21. Enhances fine motor skills
  22. Creates ownership


It is also very accessible to everyone and affordable! I will show and tell how in one of the next blogs.

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